We are Tom and Jeannette Wuhrman and are excited to share with you our life changing discovery.  It seems that we have lived our whole lives needing to lose weight.  We tried most diet plans you could name and had a measure of success on several of them. However, bad habits and slow metabolisms always took us right back up on the scale and usually to a higher weight than before we started.

After seeing some friends who had successfully used hCG homeopathic drops to lose a large amount of weight and also improvement with several health issues, we were excited to give hCG a try.  

Using hCG homeopathic drops along with the recommended low calorie diet, Jeannette has lost 75lbs and Tom has lost 55lbs and has  experienced major corrections in his blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  

We are now on our fourth round of drops with continued success.  The biggest change is the relief in knowing that we now have the tools we need to lose our excess weight, improve our health and most importantly, keep the weight off!

We made the decision to begin “hCG Fresh Start” for the purpose of offering the very best product available at a price that would make it affordable to most people. 

So, read through the information on our site and feel free to contact us with any questions.  

We are so thankful and excited 
about finally having the tool we need to reach and maintain our healthy natural weight.

If you are truly ready to make a Fresh Start, 
come on and join us in this fantastic
 journey towards health!


Make a Fresh Start with HCG Homeopathic Drops
After years of trying every weight loss method under the sun, we found 
        HCG Homeopathic Drops!!       Are you ready for a Fresh Start?
 Tom is shown at a 55lb loss and Jeannette is down 85lbs.

Our highest weight ever and climbing, ugh!

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hCG Fresh Start Diet Protocol Guide
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Jeannette has now lost 85lbs!
15 more pounds to go!!!
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